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Set several years before the original Bubblegum Crisis, This trio of disturbing cases, focusing on rookie Leon McNichol and his partner, Jeena Malso, challenge what it truly means to be human, what it truly means to be a machine, and how truly thin the border between humanity and machines is. In Vol. 1: The Phantom Woman, Jeena and Leon investigate the circumstances behind the death of a fellow AD Policeman, and Leon is stalked by a boomer who he had destroyed long ago... In Vol. 2: The Ripper, a series of grotesque prostitute murders, committed by a woman who has given up her humanity for her work, are investigated by a woman who is contemplating the loss of her own. And Vol. 3: The Man Who Bites His Tongue, deals with the near death of a police officer, and subsequent transformation into a Robocop-like cyborg, bereft of all but the very last parts of humanity, the only way he can keep his mind focused is to inflict pain upon himself, the only human sensation he has left.AD Police Files OVA Streaming

Year started: 1990
Stars: Atsushi Abe  Yôko Asagami  Mika Doi 
Creators: Toshimichi Suzuki  Tony Takezaki 
Rating: 6.9
Categories: A Anime Thriller

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AD Police Files OVA - Season 1. Episode 3 - S1E3 Final - The man who bites his tongue

This episode stars Billy Fanword, Captain of the AD Police Spacial Mobile Squad. After sustaining massive injures due to a rouge boomer and almost dying his only remaining viable organs (brain and tongue) are transplanted into an experimental battle cyborg body. To help remind him he was once human he is seen at tim...

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AD Police Files OVA - Season 1. Episode 2 - S1E2 - The Ripper

After a gruesome murder on the subway in an area called Paradise Loop, AD Police steps in to help find the killer when the normal police don't seem up to the task. A total of six prostitute are found to all have been murdered on this subway line and its suspected the work is done by a boomer. Two officers of the nor...

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AD Police Files OVA - Season 1. Episode 1 - S1E1 - The Phantom Woman

The Phantom Woman is an introductory episode in the beginning arc of AD Police showing us a rogue boomer that cannot be taken down by normal police and the assistance of the AD Police are called in to help. After killing a few of the advanced police the squad commander orders the boomer to be killed by firing squad,...

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