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The Paradise Description:

The story of a young girl who works in a department store and gets caught up in the charms of the modern world.The Paradise Streaming

Year started: 2012
Stars: Joanna Vanderham  Emun Elliott  Stephen Wight  Sonya Cassidy  Matthew McNulty  Ruby Bentall  Elaine Cassidy  Peter Wight  Finn Burridge  Sarah Lancashire  Patrick Malahide  David Hayman 
Creators: Bill Gallagher 
Rating: 7.6
Categories: T Drama

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 8 - S2E8

Clémence shows up at the store and she finds herself at the mercy of Tom Weston. Moray risks everything to be rid of his nemesis. Moray and Denise attempt to find a way to make their love work.

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 7 - S2E7

A photographer pays a visits to the store and his portraits end up revealing extraordinary things. Denise is suffering with a broken heart and attempts to distract herself.

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 6 - S2E6

Relationships end up being pushed to their limts as Denise gets the chance to use her business initiative. Lucille Ballentine shows up in town with her wealthy husband. The girls sense that she is troubled though. Denise and Mr Ballentine talk about his potential investment in the store and Denise gets ready a forma...

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 5 - S2E5

Tom Weston is not happy to find out that Moray has set up a display of pocket watches which could take attention away from his own new department. Moray asks Katherine if he can use her father�s watch as a centrepiece for the display, but she refuses. Moray is not happy to discover Tom has been favouring Denise, w...

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 4 - S2E4

Denise finds out it can be lonely once you have reached the top. A surprise arrival from Susy�s past has some disastrous consequences. Moray makes a dangerous deal to try and win The Paradise back.

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 3 - S2E3

After Tom Weston cancels the annual staff outing, Denise decides to try and bring the Music Hall to the store. A potential opportunity for career progression has some troubling implications for both Denise and Moray.

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 2 - S2E2

Miss Audrey develops a mysterious illness, provoking a rivalry between Denise and Clara.

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The Paradise - Season 2. Episode 1 - S2E1

A customer threatens the reputation of The Paradise, and Denise shines in Moray's eyes.

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